Why Custom Draperies?

Quality - All of our fabrics, lining and trims are all of first quality; plus, our drapery workroom is on-site so we oversee your treatments every step of the way.

Unique - You won’t find your treatments in anyone elses’ home! Custom Draperies are always sized to fit your particular windows, whether they are standard, arched or specialty shaped! We also have an array of decorative hardware and trims not found in local retail locations. All of these elements make your window treatments One-Of-A-Kind!

Professional Installation - We offer complimentary Professional Installation for all of our Window Coverings; as a beautiful window treatment is only appreciated when installed properly.  This not only takes a tasteful eye but the use of the best and safest measures possible

What does Interior Decorating generally cost?

Interior decorating is as unique and individualized as each client themselves are. Each project has its own timeline and process; whether it’s a few decorating pieces that need to be added or moved to an entire kitchen renovation. We generally start with an initial consultation, which is two-hours with a fee of $150.00 (pro-rated at $75/hr thereafter). There are times that not all two hours are spent with the client, but back in the office laying out a new floor plan or shopping for the few pieces needed; however, there are times when we spend the entire two hours talking about what you want to accomplish for each room on one room specifically. At the conclusion of the two hours, we discuss where to go from that point forward!

What is Decorating in a Day?

This concepts in and of itself is generally where we come to your home and “re-design” a specific room or rooms with what you already have in your home. However, Decorating in a Day can also be an entire new room in one day. We plan, budget, shop and put the room all together for the client in a single day! Both ways are very productive and are truly an “HGTV Moment!” and, honestly, our favorite way to decorate!

Personal Shopper - Really?

Yes! Take the stress out of deciding what would look nice where and leave it up to Bella Home Interiors! Plus, think of all the time and energy you will save yourself.

Why Use a Decorator?

A Certified Professional Decorator has the insight and expertise to turn the homeowner’s inspirations into reality. Using a decorator is also a cost effective way to achieve your goals in a timely and stress-free fashion.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Bella Home Interiors gladly accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or Amex.