Tableaux Faux Iron

We are one of the only local dealers of Tableaux® faux wrought iron products

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What is Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron:

  • Tableaux faux wrought iron is a non-structural, customizable, light weight interior design and window treatment product. 
  • Tableaux expands and enriches the ornamental or decorative design characteristics of iron with its increased design flexibility and customization potential.
  • Tableaux faux wrought iron is a green and environmentally friendly, LEED certified material.
  • Tableaux iron designs and motifs incorporate decorative designs spanning from Classic, romantic Mediterranean, to modern geometric designs. Tableaux design artists can adapt and render any design concept or wish into unique personalized custom designs.
  • Tableaux faux wrought iron prices are particularly competitive when compared with any custom ironwork projects requiring precise shapes, dimensions, and design specifications.
  • Tableaux® faux wrought iron standard substrate (TableauxST) is composed of 100% post-industrial recycled and reclaimed wood fiber and formaldehyde-free resin and weighs 10% of conventional wrought iron or cast iron. Ideal for interior decorative applications such as a window treatment, ceiling medallions, wall art, and many other applications.

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    Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron Applications:

  • Window Treatment / Window Inserts
  • Ceiling Treatment / Ceiling Medallions
  • Wall Art / Wall Niche Decorative Inserts
  • Door Inserts / Doorway Arches & Brackets
  • Room Partitioning / Dividing Panels or Inserts
  • Shutter Inserts
  • Cabinetry / Furniture Accents
  • Exterior Architectural Decorative Elements
  • Garden Trellises / Patio Decorative Accents
  • Custom Faux Cast Iron & Decorative Carvings

faux-iron-4-bella-home-interiorsHow does Tableaux® faux wrought iron compare to traditional decorative or ornamental wrought iron?

Tableaux® is not iron at all! It is crafted from a composite material made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers and resins.

Tableaux® retains and even expands on the best decorative characteristics of iron while incorporating some unique characteristics:

  • Design flexibility and increase customization potential
  • Light Weight (10% of the weight of iron)
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost effectiveness

faux-iron-5-bella-home-interiorsTableaux® faux wrought iron borrows from many world cultures that used beautiful forged iron or cast iron to express unique ornamental motifs.  Tableaux® is the contemporary evolution of decorative wrought iron design elegance without the cost, weight or maintenance.

Tableaux® is used for decorative, non structural applications only.  Because it is not iron, it’s lightweight material can be easily inserted into or mounted onto windows, doors, cabinetry, ceilings or can be used for wall art and grilles using standard construction framework as mounting structures.


How does the process work:

Step 1: Choose Your Faux Wrought Iron Design

The first step in the process is choosing the design that best suits your specific design needs.

  • The custom iron designs are built to fit any shape or space - circles, arches, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, ANYTHING!
  • From modern geometrics, arabic curves, european classics, you can choose from our ironwork designs and motifs.
  • You can also provide your own your own design or design concept and their design artists will custom design it for you.
  • Add a monogram, match the iron design of a chandellier, match any existing ironwork or match a picture.

Step 2: Choose Your Faux Wrought Iron Shape

The second step in accenting your specific design is choosing the proper shape to fit your desired space. They are built to fit any shape or space - circles, arches, rectangles, squares, ANYTHING!

Step 3: Choose Your Faux Wrought Iron Finish

The third and final step in building your piece is to decide on the faux iron or metal finish. There are currently nine unique finish styles that are sure to meet any design needs.

Faux Wrought Iron Finish Options